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When you are no longer relaxed by a glass of wine in the evening or a long soak in the bath, it may be time to book an appointment at the day spa. The day spa is very different to a salon. This is not a quick pedicure and manicure, oh no, a day spa will be an in-depth rearrangement of your body, mind and spirit through the subtle use of misdirection, commonly known as pampering.

Expect to spend a whole day in a spa. To get the most out of the treatments, you really have to spend some time to experience the variety of treatments they have on offer. Even the most basic of day spa packages will last roughly two hours. This is not a race to relaxation; you need to take your time. If you choose a deluxe package, you will have lunch included and there will be a relaxation area for you to enjoy your food and sip some purifying green tea.

If you have never been to a day spa before there are certain things you need to do before hand depending on your treatments. If you going to receive a body wrap, then you should wear cotton underwear. Polyester may react to the treatment and irritate your skin. You should also arrive to the day spa session jewelry-free. Of course you will remove jewelry before you being, but losing a ring or an earring could add stress to a day that was supposed to be completely relaxing.

Make sure you arrive to your appointment at the day spa at least 5-10 minutes early. Most treatments will require you to fill out a basic health form, letting the specialists know if you have any allergies or other conditions that they need to be aware of.

The day spa is not just for women, there are many services that are for men as well. In fact, most spas will perform a treatment that is tailored specifically just for men. This makes for a great gift for the man who is conscious of his appearance or for someone who you feel could do with a slight "makeover".

If you are unsure what treatment package to have at the day spa, simply give them a call and talk to a specialist about what you hope to get out of your experience. If you have a particular ailment or ache tell the specialist about it, they will be able to custom pick the treatment that is going to help you come out of the day spa feeling rejuvenated and beautiful.