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Nail Salon

Over recent years, the nail salon has become more and more popular. We see them in shopping malls, salons with glass fronts and they are always full with customers and technicians. If you have never had a manicure before, you many be wondering, "what happens during a manicure?" Well, we are here to put you in the picture.

First of all the nail technician will clean your hands, assess the condition of your nails and remove any existing nail polish you may have on. Then you will begin to have your fingernails filed into the style of your choosing. After the filing has been completed, you will then have an exfoliant massaged into your hands and then your cuticles will be soaked and any addition filing will be performed.

Once all of this has been completed, your nails can have color added to them or be buffed and shined if you want to go for the natural look. Then it is time to pamper those hands, so you will be treated to a luxurious hand and arm massage. So there you go, that was what you can expect from a nail salon.