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The pedicure is a treatment that will care for your toenails and feet. Many people feel shy about having someone care for their feet and this is not an uncommon reaction. But a nail technician will do everything in their power to make a client feel relaxed and comfortable. When people overcome their shyness, they find the pedicure experience to be very relaxing.

A pedicure will increase the comfort of your feet as well as their appearance. The whole process will last roughly 45 minutes. A pedicure will include the removal of existing nail polish, filing of the toenails, removal of any calluses and treatment of your cuticle. After this the feet and lower leg will be massaged. You can choose to have your toenails painted by the technician as well. If you are planning on doing this, make sure you wear sandals to allow your toenails time to dry.

The cuticle is an area that needs to be paid attention to. This is the thin piece of skin that overlaps the nail at the base. If you do not keep the cuticle soft and pushed back, it is possible to get hangnails. Most people find that they need to visit a pedicure technician in the summer months when their feet are exposed in sandals and summer shoes on a regular basis.